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When it comes to trophies and medals not everyone wants to follow the crowd, thankfully for 2019 we all have new and exciting ideas to offer with Glenway’s new Trophy Street Bespoke. A fresh approach to the already popular bespoke medals and engraving services coupled together with a new 36 page brochure full of unique products just waiting to be personalised.

Amtech take the grind out of stone engraving

Amtech have been working with Scancad services over a period of seven years. They first got involved when Scancad services required a replacement control system for their Newing Hall pantocut engraving machine. Having been impressed with the performance of Amtech’s control system and level of support, Scancad services asked if Amtech would be interested in helping them develop a purpose built stone engraving machine. This would be a three axis gantry machine designed specifically for memorial masons and jobbing engravers alike.

Bespoke trophies from Opulent Luxuries

As we all know, the most sought after aspiration for every professional athlete is to present a Championship Trophy to the world. The current landscape for this coveted symbol does not truly embody the astounding accomplishment of the greatest competitors worldwide.

Sawgrass Offers Business Strategies for Sublimation Success

Sawgrass knows that careful planning, strategy and adherence to plans can make all the difference when it comes to building a successful sublimation business. But the thrill of being creative and the exciting decorating technology in the world can take these important keys to profitability out of focus. Jimmy Lamb, Sawgrass’ Education Manager details four important steps that every sublimation business owner should take to get on the path to success.

New Pen Test Engraving Tool

Evadeno Ltd has designed a new tool to allow you to do a test engraving on masking tape prior to engraving which will give a clear indication of how the engraving will look once engraved.

HPC Laser – your first choice

Established in 2006, HPC Laser has grown to become the first choice of CO2 engravers, mixed metal cutters, Fibre lasers and CNC routers for many well acclaimed Universities, national and international businesses and also the private market. With a dedicated support team we are an expanding company with a bright future having branched out into the European markets including Ireland, Spain, Germany and France.

The engraver spares part of Signature Engraving Systems UK Ltd has now been separated and a new website operated under a new company named Evadeno Ltd.