Switching materials could save your business a staggering 40 percent on raw material costs

Trotec’s TroLase Metallic and Metallic Plus ranges are the perfect alternatives to metal marking and engraving. Time is money for any business, and with the cost of metals rising, metallic engraving laminates provide a cost-effective alternative for businesses.

The key advantage offered by metallic laminates is their acrylic base, making them suitable for both laser cutting and engraving with a CO2 laser machine. No material preparation is required, simply position the metallic laminate on the working area and begin processing. A thin top coating enables detailed results to be easily created at high production speeds, while the composition minimises dust and debris produced.

Metals in contrast cannot be laser cut, and blank metals require a fiber laser for processing. To use a CO2 laser on metals, additional pastes and sprays must be applied, which brings additional costs and increases production time. The contrasting core and top layer mean that once processed no infilling is required, negating the need for paints or blacking fluid with mechanical machines.

A significant advantage of these materials is that unlike metals, they do not tarnish or corrode when exposed to the elements. The Metallic Plus range features a special coating making them perfectly suited to exterior use.

TroLase Metallic and Metallic Plus are the ideal alternatives to metal and can be ordered cut-to-size with a range of extras, including next day delivery and adhesive backing.

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