New Eco-Friendly Button Badges introduce something new to their G Series badge making range and in keeping with the ever-increasing bid to protect the environment. The world’s first bio button, a 100% degradable badge.

Button badges are an attractive advertising media and their range has been extremely successful with customers who create their own gifts, school or sports badges, promotional products and much more.

Tin plate, plastic and paper are the main components of a button badge that has not changed much since it was patented in 1896. In today’s society the trend for ecological products has become a priority and so they jumped at the chance to introduce a new sustainable product to their range, the Bio Button badge.

The components for the bio button are 100% biodegradable, compostable and neutral in CO2 emissions. Composed of corn starch, wood from sustainable forests with PEFC certification and produced using solar energy in an injection moulding machine. Studies show that the life cycle of standard metal badges is limited with around 80% thrown away and so by replacing conventional tinplate, raw material resources are saved and waste is reduced.

Once the badge is assembled using the components and their dedicated Bio Button machine the outcome is as robust as a conventional button but only half as heavy. Consisting exclusively of renewable raw material, the wood like structure conveys a natural, organic, eco feel but with a smooth finished surface it still gives the impression of a high-quality product. With a finished size of 56mm this is similar to their standard 59mm size badge which is currently the most popular size.

When disposed of, the badge simply breaks down into its basic components of carbon dioxide and water, with the 100% plastic free mylar film and paper with printing ink decomposed. Biodegradable button badges transmit the idea of sustainability and protection of the environment. provide their customers with the badge components, badge machines and cutters to enable them to create their own badges. A great budget friendly way for all types of businesses.

Components for the Bio Button are available in two styles, a safety back clip or with an optional metal pin which can be removed before disposal.  With their simple to use, high quality Bio Button badge machine you can create professional badges quickly and easily, producing up to 500 an hour. All machines come with a lifetime guarantee and Free badge design software is available to access on their website allowing you to create your own artwork at the correct size easily.

Since the launch of their bio button range it has already proved to be successful with many of their customers now adding this type of badge to their own range. With the trend increasing hope to expand their range in the future with more eco-friendly recyclable products.

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