Keyringfab System from provide a vast range of promotional and gift making supplies to businesses and individuals across the UK and internationally, allowing customers to produce their own finished merchandise for giveaway or resale.

Included in their range is their Keyringfab System, which enables you to produce a wide variety of premium metal and medallion keyrings quickly and easily.

Their system consists of a main C25 press, a high-quality machine, made from cast iron and steel, robust enough to last. Its dual die cutting and assembly function allows you to create many keychains without the need for several different machines for each style.

This can be vital in the promotional and gift industry due to costs in the current climate. The machine works alongside their range of cutting matrixes and assembly tools available for each premium style keyring. These are all available on their website and as options to add once you have found your style of keyring.

To begin customers will need to produce their own artwork, this could be anything from a photograph, to graphics and typography, alongside this you could also consider the ever-increasing popularity of personalisation.

Programmes such as photoshop, Microsoft publisher, open office draw or an alternative online software can be useful to create artwork. When it comes to printing, the quality of the print will always determine the quality of the end product, they recommend to use up to 120gsm paper with a print size of A4 which is the most common size. There are many printers on the market with the big question always being inkjet or laser. A good quality laser printer will do the job; however, an inkjet printer will give a good depth of print colour. Inkjet printers are very readily available with budgets to suit all, depending on print speed and paper size.


The setup of the keyringfab system is quick and hassle free. Once you have your printed artwork, simply fit the relevant cutting matrix into the press to cut your printed artwork to size. Then place your designs into the base of the keyring with the clear window provided on top, attach the assembly tool to the press and place the keyring inside, add a small amount of pressure and this will produce a finished keyring in seconds. By being able to interchange the cutting matrix and assembly tool you have the option to add a huge variety of keyrings to your product range.

The keyringfab system works with their premium metal and classic medallion range, the machine allows you to insert a clear window into metal smoothly, giving a professional finish and sealing the artwork inside. With so many different styles and sizes to choose from, starter packs are available for each keyring, which include the press machine, relevant cutting matrix and assembly tool with 25 free of charge keyrings.

This easy use system is perfect for businesses small and large, creating promotional giveaways or unique and personalised gifts for your marketplace, the options are endless and could potentially increase your revenue. Their customer service team are always on hand to assist and you can find a step-by-step tutorial on their website.

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