Lotus Laser Systems

Lotus Laser Systems has pioneered laser cutting and laser marking technology since the 1990’s. As early adopters they saw the massive potential of lasers in virtually every industry sector, for both laser marking and laser cutting. Working firstly as laser users, then as distributors for two of the largest laser brands, they evolved to become a globally respected laser technology design and manufacturing business. Their journey is somewhat unique compared to many of their competitors and it is this evolved experience that makes them so different.

With 25 years specialised laser experience Lotus Laser Systems exports 85% of their production through a network of highly skilled distribution partners. Their single largest export market is Germany and their brand is growing at a rate of >30% per year.

Find out what makes a Lotus Laser System so special and how they can help your business make productivity gains and opportunity advantages over your competitors. Just call or email them to discuss your requirements.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1268 567 540
Email: info@lotuslaser.com
Visit: www.lotuslaser.com