Chunyang Medals & Awards

ChunYang Medals and Awards are a leading manufacturer and wholesaler from China that focuses on medals, plaque frames and award plate products that offer possibly one of the largest electro-plating colour ranges available in China from their family-owned facilities to meet customers’ needs. All die-casting products are hand-polished only to ensure quality.

They have a strong design team with over 57 patents/copyrights registered in China. Their plan is to further launch a larger scale of medals with original design from 2020-2025 to ensure they can offer the market and their clients a wide range of unique and innovative products.

ChunYang Medals and Awards are constantly looking for distributors, terms can be discussed either on exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

Key facts about us:

  • Leading manufacturer in awards industry based in China with 4 plating lines
  • Key production areas: medals, plaque fitting frames and award plates
  • Have one of the largest inventories in above three categories in China
  • Large scale machinery upgraded to ensure environmentally friendly workplace and employee safety

Telephone: 0086+17717486605