Live Theatre Seminars

The Live Theatre at Trophex 2017 will be hosting a series of seminars during each day of the show. Three seminars you shouldn't miss are outlined below.

Eezee Commerce software aimed at making your running of an online trophy store effortless

Speaker: Liam Sorsby from Eezee Commerce
Day 1 & Day 2 at 11.30am.

Biography: From leaving school at 16 to join a local firm, Liam Sorsby quickly found himself helping with any and all computer problems, teaching himself everything from website design to complex computer languages, and after 9 years of working in the IT and trophy industry Liam and a colleague decided to create a company from personal experience with the aim of making online ecommerce successful, easy and affordable for small local businesses, and to allow them to take the next step in getting their business noticed online.

Eezee Commerce have been working tirelessly for over 3 years developing a piece of software aimed at making your running of an online trophy store effortless. Their software has been tried and tested to save you time and money by adding features such as bulk order processing, one-click product editing and access to their entire Trophy Library. On top of this they will design your website from the ground up, tailoring it exactly to your business and brand and making it easier than ever for your customers to navigate and shop with you.

At Trophex Liam Sorsby will be speaking about:

  • An introduction about Eezee Commerce and our history.
  • An overview of problems faced by small businesses trying to sell online.
  • How Eezee Commerce has been designed to address the challenges small, local businesses have online.
  • A demonstration of our platform, how easy it is to use.
  • How our platform is created solely to save you time and money by automating day-to-day tasks effortlessly.
  • A demonstration of our Trophy Library in action.
  • How we will design your website to your company and get it noticed online.
  • How Eezee Commerce will host and support your business with any issue faced online.


What does the rise of protectionism mean for British exporters?

Speaker: Lesley Batchelor OBE, Director General
of the Institute of Export and International Trade
Day 2 at 12.30pm

Biography: Lesley Batchelor OBE is the director general of the Institute of Export and International Trade – the only professional body in the UK offering recognised, formal qualifications in International Trade.

As an Ofqual awarding organisation, the Institute is registered to make and grant qualifications in International Trade for 16 year olds through to the Diploma equivalent level 5 (second year degree) which forms an entry access to an BSC in International Trade Logistics and Strategy through Plymouth and an MSc from Warwick University.

A graduate of the Institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and an Intellectual Property Auditor, Lesley has invaluable expertise in global licensing and marketing.

Shaping policy and decision making at the highest level, she has given evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Government support for SMEs and is often a leading light in thought leadership issues on international trade.

Awarded an OBE in the 2014 Birthday Honours List, for services to Business, in the same year Lesley was appointed CEO of Open to Export, set up by the government as a digital route to boost the UK’s SME exports.

Lesley was named as the CBI/Real Business First Woman in Business Services for 2015 and voted CEO of the year for the Trade Association Congress 2015.

For information on the Institute’s membership, training and qualifications, please visit or call+44(0)1733 – 404400.

Synopsis: As the world changes and rebalances, it is important to look at the journey we have been on to reach this point and how globalization has given rise to protectionism and the increase in isolation strategy from major political figures.

During this seminar, Lesley will outline:

  • How vital the role of international trade plays in a country’s economy
  • How employers need to invest in training to equip their teams with the skills needed to broaden their knowledge in international trade
  • How globalisation drives investment and innovation within businesses and economies as a whole
  • How the long-awaited Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the European Union and Canada will benefit exporters

Don’t miss this seminar if you want to harness the wealth of opportunities in international trade.


Your New Digital Project – Don’t Make Costly Mistakes

Speaker: Stuart Alldis from Creative Digital Agency
Day 1 & Day 2 at 1.00pm.

Biography: With over 20 years experience in web and soft-ware development for multiple brands, Stuart is a tenacious communicator with exceptional commercial awareness and leadership skills.

As Founder and Managing Director of Creative Digital Agency (CDA), Stuart has held senior positions within large organisations. He also has experience in developing online brands and successfully designed, launched and sold his own online trading market place.

Stuart has travelled around the globe working for multinational brands in Europe the US and Asia, having spent most of his career as a client, Stuart knows the importance of delivering the necessary tools for commercial success in the most cost effective way. He launched Creative Digital Agency out of frustration with digital agencies who didn’t listen to him as a client and didn’t understand the needs of his company.

CDA takes a different approach to being an agency, they work closely with clients and value open and transparent relationships to bring exciting, worthwhile results.

As a full-service agency CDA provides the following services:

  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • Design & Print
  • Branding

To see examples of CDA’s work visit:
Stuart’s LinkedIn:

Synopsis: Approximately 70% of Creative Digital Agency’s new business has been won where clients have a website or digital project that is less than a year old that is not delivering what they need to provide a return on investment. The rest are mid-project with another company resulting in approximately £275,000 in wasted investment. Stuart wants to publicise the importance of forming an open, honest and communicative relationship with a digital agency to combat this issue. This seminar aims to equip you with the right questions to ask when embarking on a website / digital project to ensure you avoid the mistakes and costly pitfalls that so many organisations make when they invest significant marketing funds in this area.

During this seminar, Stuart will cover the importance of imple- menting social media for businesses in the digital age. Whether you love it or hate it, social media is a vital tool for increasing brand awareness and Stuart will advise and demonstrate the best way to implement and utilise it for your business.

Don’t miss this seminar if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.