Victory for cutting edge design

For decades Victory has been committed to innovation. If you ever get the chance to view one of their catalogues from the 1970’s, you will notice that they were always dedicated to cutting edge design and splashy marketing to go with it.

As the years moved forward, Victory’s marketing took a back seat to their products. Perhaps it was their business model telling them that they did not have to innovate anymore in terms of branding. In any event, Victory let their products do the talking and their marketing became secondary. Whether this was intentional or not is up to interpretation. They’ve always been the type of a company that would take advantage of what the market allowed them to take. Their leverage comes from their machines and their mastery of them and their processes. Victory’s roots are derived from the planter business. Who knows, maybe some day they might even manufacture them again….

These are new times at Victory. Alan Starks and Eric Priceman bought the company in November, 2016 and they knew when they bought it that they had to change. Times are different, markets are different and you and your companies are different. They are listening intently. They knew that they have to evolve themselves, to prepare their organisation for a type of radical transformation that Victory has never undergone. They saw this coming, but they’re committed, and are sure that it is the right time. A new digital approach that is dedicated to making it easy for you to sell Victory. More sales, more ease on your part. All of this coupled with cutting edge technology that you, your customers, and more importantly the times demand.

They are happy, excited and proud.

They have their eyes and ears wide open because they know this is just the beginning. Their Digital Transformation has begun. Victory are confident that you will like it, understand it for what it is, and that together they will be the better for it.

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