UK Hip Flasks add USB rechargeable lighters to their extensive range

Over the years, we’ve seen lighter sales remain strong, even increasing! Standard lighters such as steel lighters remain a good seller; however we have recently added USB rechargeable lighters to our range in a variety of styles and colours, which have proven to be best sellers amongst our existing lighter range.

As the world advances with technology, even clothing has been updated to feature high-tech additions, and lighters are no different. We offer our stylish USB lighters in touch-sensitive and slide up styles, in three different colours – ice blue, gold, and black. These lighters are sturdy and robust, and each come with their own charging cables to ensure that the user can always keep their lighter charged. Despite their small size and slim design, these lighters pack a mighty punch! They’re powerful enough to light cigarettes with ease, and their battery lasts several days depending on usage.

Not only this, but our lighters can also be engraved, meaning they’re excellent for personalised gifts, or even promotional branding for a variety of industries, including music, gift shops, and smoke shops. They are incredibly versatile, and have proved to sell incredibly well as both plain stock and engraved.

With the popularity of lighters still quite high, an electric lighter is definitely a unique addition to your stock that defies the norms. Without the requirement of gas/lighter fluid, they’re more eco-friendly than their traditional lighter counterparts, and last a life time without the need to replace flints etc. In addition to this, the lack of flame means that they can be used in any weather conditions, including extreme wind – the perfect gift for an adventurer who never knows where they’ll be in need of their lighter! Our lighters also come in their own boxes, so they’re great to display and give as even more impressive gifts.

At UK Hip Flasks, we pride ourselves on providing a high quality and varied range of stock, and the USB lighters that we offer are a wonderful addition to any stock line. Our range starts at only £2.38 per unit, and we also offer a great value USB sample pack which contains every lighter in our range for the low price of £17! This sample pack is a wonderful way to get started with our range of USB lighters, and gives you the opportunity to try out each lighter and finish at low price.

If you are interested in trying out USB lighter range, you can now purchase these on our website, or you can add the USB lighter sample pack to your order. Alternatively, we are happy to take an order for just the sample pack via email, simply get in touch with us at or give us a call at 0121 439 0120 and one of our team members will be happy to assist you!