Transworld Trophies – New for 2019

Transworld Trophies are continually developing new products to enhance its offering for all sports and pastimes.

It’s too easy just to focus on the mainline sports. There are so many more sports that deserve their own ranges of specialised trophies.

The days of just making as many resins as possible are over. Costs are higher, delivery times longer, also significantly, how many should we stock and do we have the space?

TWT are introducing two styles of “heavy plastics” in 2019. It’s a big investment but the outcome is stunning. We have deliberately made them to look like a resin award, with a contrasting antique gold/gold colour combination giving a striking appearance.

The quality is impressive, they are plastic, but designed so well that the joins are virtually invisible. They come in foam bags, & individually boxed – so no polystyrene!

When it comes to prices, they sit lower than the equivalent resin of a similar size.

The first of the two new designs is “The Edge”.  It has a modern look and feel, and is certainly different to anything else currently in the market place. We are showing this range with our new series of 3D resin trims depicting a variety of sports including football, Golf, Rugby, Pool, snooker, Darts, Lawn bowls. The colour matches exactly giving the appearance as one complete item. It can take any of our 50mm centres.

The second range of heavy plastics is the “Cobra” range. Again they have space to take a 50mm centre and perfect for our “half ball” resins – golf, pool, netball, tennis.

We also show this range with our exclusive coloured printed glass trim range, which covers well over 60 designs for all sports and pastimes. Also of course, the glass trim can be personalised, adding club names and logos to the award. The range also looks well with our established antique gold “Q” centres.

For the future, these products will certainly evolve. The 2019 collection is now done. Now onto 2020!

2019 catalogues now available:
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