Tips for a Successful Trade Show Booth

When your company spends time, money, and effort to attend a trade show, it is vital to make the best of it. Careful planning goes a long way towards ensuring a successful outcome. The Works are the main supplier for Euro Trophex 2018 and are there to help exhibitors get the most out of participating at the show.

Here are 10 tips to help maximize your investment.

1. Time
Give yourself enough time – 12-18 months if possible. Things like reserving space, designing and building your stand and logistics can take a lot of time. Those who get it done early tend to have a better experience at the show.

2. Location
The old adage “location, location, location” applies here as much as anywhere else. Most trade shows will offer prime location booths for an extra charge.

If you are willing to pay extra, look into this early. Most trade show’s prime locations sell out fast, so if you plan on attending a trade show long term, prime location is something you can try to leverage.

3. Show Objectives
To be successful, clear, quantifiable objectives must be set. Be sure that the objectives are communicated to the stand personnel. Too often it's just assumed that they understand why they are there.

4. Stand Design
Put effort into the design of your stand, it will make all the difference between show attendees stopping or walking by. Rely on a professional stand designer if you can, they have the knowledge to ask the right questions and experience to create a stand that works for you.

5. First Impression Is Everything
First impressions count – people can read attitude and sense a welcoming environment. Create a place where people want to hang out – decor matters. Add greenery or fresh flowers. Put messages on your flooring.

6. Staffing
Send friendly, personable people with a genuine enthusiasm for your company, its products and services. A reasonable guide to help determine the number of people you send is to allow 5 square meters per staff member.

7. Show Your Expertise
Offer something of value to attendees. This can be something like a white paper on the state of the industry, top 10 lists of products, newest trends.

8. Read The Exhibitors Manual
Your exhibitor manual is the go to document for all your show needs. Read it!

9. Order Your Services Ahead Of Time
Meeting order deadlines can save your company a lot of money. Exhibitor manuals have everything you need to place orders but if you need help, an exhibitor services manager is available to help.

10. Follow Up Fast
Follow up with leads soon after the show. The longer you wait, the longer they have to forget who you are and what you said. Typically wait one day after the show to follow-up, waiting too long will dilute the connection.

The Works Events has been a trusted show and exhibitor services partner to Euro Trophex since 1994. The reliable team of multilingual professionals stand at the ready to ensure your show experience is the best it can be.

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