Tim Wilford Retires

Tim Wilford is well known by one and all in the UK awards industry.

However, after 28 years at Glenway, he has announced his retirement.

Tim joined the awards industry in the 1970’s and worked for various companies before becoming Sales Director at Glenway Products in 1991. Through his hard work, he has helped Andrew Sharp grow Glenway into the largest UK supplier.

Now though, he has decided to take life a bit easier and might even renew his season ticket for his beloved Nottingham Forrest. Glenway wish him well and are grateful for all his efforts.

A word from Tim...

Having reached the grand old age of 60, I felt it was time to take life a little easier. I have had the most fantastic job over the last 28 years, made with the help of some really great work colleagues and many wonderful customers & suppliers.

Many of the relationships that I have built with customers, have become great friendships and over the 28 years I have shared many experiences with them. I’m sure that over the coming years there will be a few shared beers with many of them. I have some great memories of the trophy trade and the other associated trades such as the shoe repair trade, sportswear & engraving. I have also been fortunate to see our trade (& Glenway) really grow & blossom over my tenure and it will be interesting to see where the next 28 years takes us.

During my last fortnight at Glenway I did a road trip, to say goodbye to some of my friends. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to see everybody, so for those of you I missed, thanks for your support & friendship & if I’m ever nearby I’ll pop in for a cuppa.

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