THYS – Awards, Trophies and Medals, Belgium - Proud to be different

THYS, established in 1974, has developed into one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of beautiful casted trophies and acrylic awards.

THYS specializes in low-cost casting of metal parts.

THYS has spent many years trying to create awards and trophies that are different from what one is accustomed to but at the same time still appealable.

Thus, THYS finds that many customers, when they are looking for something special, something unique, find them.

THYS also listens to their customers so they know exactly what they need and want and sometimes a break from tradition and something more innovative is exactly what they are looking for.

THYS offers an alternative. Many customers really like the combination of metal and acrylic.

A THYS award is unique; one always recognizes a THYS award.

The trophy landscape has changed somewhat in recent years. Many have abandoned the traditional store and started selling online. THYS, as a manufacturer, has responded by constructing a giant stock, meaning that their products are always in stock and immediate available.

Most of their customers appreciate this as it means that they are able to quickly deliver to their customers.

THYS know that they are a very reliable supplier.

In recent years THYS has also invested in new machinery including a 400 WATT laser, laser engraving machines, UV-printing equipment, CNC milling machines, sublimation printers and presses, automatic doming machines and a 3D engraving machine, so THYS is all set to face the future.

The Golden Touch-machine is still one of the most popular machines on the European Market.

Although the Golden Touch machine has been on the market since 1997, it remains very popular as THYS still sells a lot of them.

This easy and fast machine personalizes smaller trophies and medals in no time.

Together with the Color Touch doming system, the Golden Touch gives the trophy retailer the possibility to create everything in-house!

Telephone: 0032 15 250 150