TheMagicTouch – Digital Image Transfer

TheMagicTouch offer new and innovative image transfer solutions that assist in creating marketing opportunities for users. Having pioneered and introduced the ultimate in affordable garment decoration with the “no cutting, no weeding” WoW and T.One transfers the company have again developed some real “game changing” applications using the same C,M,Y,K and white toner-based printer technology.

When investing in any digital technology there are some key factors that need to be considered. Potential buyers need to understand the full range of printable products possible from their investment, the actual running cost, warranty cost beyond the first year and more importantly feel confident in generating and maintaining sufficient print volumes needed to see a good profit and return on investment.

The same applies to TheMagicTouch, but with the ever-growing range of product applications now possible together with new markets being created the current printer entry-level cost of less than £400 becomes “An offer you can’t refuse”. The recent introduction of the T.Foil Dark transfer paper offers metallic foil decoration to garments, again without the need for cutting and weeding.

TheMagicTouch image transfer processes offer the ability to produce full colour imaging onto a vast range of garments and textiles regardless of colour for workwear, sportswear, promotional and fashion markets. This combined with the vast range of marketable promotional and B2B gift products makes TheMagicTouch a “no risk” solution and even more attractive as an investment. The company continues in 2020 to work closely with many major clothing brands in perfecting solutions for full colour decoration of new and popular garments  that include a multitude of different fabric compositions including cotton, polyester, softshell, denim, nylon, canvas and even leather.

The company collaborated with Beechfield Brands to establish the best affordable full colour transfer decoration to their range of Bagbase® bags and accessories. The results achieved are stunning. The company also recently introduced their full colour decoration process onto the increasingly popular vacuum bottles. This new product is something that will be part of our lives for many years to come as we combat the use of single use plastics and understand the benefits of such innovative products.

Jim Nicol, UK Managing Director, comments “Garment decorators need to offer more products and services to their existing clients which is easy to say, but harder to implement. However, we have proven methods perfected over the past 29 years that work, are affordable and effective in generating sales and enhancing the customer experience”.

For further details, to arrange a demonstration or for information on any of the other transfer papers or products contact TheMagicTouch at,, 01582 671444,