Have you got the bottle ?

With the current global surge to banish and replace plastic bottles from our daily lives TheMagicTouch introduce “Bottles for Life”.

Using the latest in white-toner transfer technology together with the established CPM transfer paper, full colour designs can be applied using a traditional mug press. Offering customers a choice of colours, with a minimum order of one, creates great opportunities in many markets.

The blank aluminium and stainless steel bottles are widely available from most major promotional product suppliers and TheMagicTouch have nominated Fluid Branding as the preferred supplier as the stock is available in the UK at very competitive prices with low minimum order quantities. The average cost for the full colour decoration is less than 30p per bottle and takes less than 2 minutes to produce. The company also recently introduced a range of coloured enamel mugs printed using the same CPM process with the same traditional mug press.

Jim Nicol, Managing Director, commented “Until now the choice to decorate different colours of mugs and drinks bottles was restricted to traditional screen print methods or more recently using UV printers. However, what we offer is an affordable solution assisting users to increase the range of products possible using the TMT/OKi white-toner technology”.

To order bottles direct from Fluid Branding, or for further information contact: Aaron Loveridge Email: plymouth@fluidbranding.com

Quote Code: #MAGICFLU01
Aluminium water bottles
Minimum Order 100 units.
Orders can be mixed colours.
400ml @ £1.80 each plus VAT.
750ml @ £2.68 each plus VAT.
The price includes delivery to one
UK mainland address.