TheMagicTouch reports personalisation is indeed alive and kicking!

During the Christmas period the 25 year old Dunstable based company recorded record sales across the board of all traditional transfer product applications but were astounded by the success of a selection of new applications.

Earlier in the year the company perfected the image transfer process onto a new range of products that create great new non-textile personalisation opportunities.Using the “award winning” RST9.1 transfer paper full colour personalised designs and images were applied to a range of wooden stools, chairs and tables creating fantastic finishes to what is normally bland and uninteresting.

The same RST transfer paper is suitable for the decoration of a vast range of non-textile products with rough surfaces including untreated wood, slate, cork, ceramics, plastics, MDF and lots more.

However, the new personalised hip flask has surpassed all expectations. Printed using the latest in white-toner technology the personalised flasks have mass appeal and are confirmed perfect for both gift and corporate markets, especially when the minimum order is one and customers can request a printed sample for evaluation.

Jim Nicol Managing Director explains, “TheMagicTouch process offers nine different transfer papers each with their own unique markets. Products such as personalised notebooks, diaries, cushions and mugs offer the perfect gift solution for many B2B markets”.

The company look forward to introducing more innovation and creative ideas in 2018.

For further information of the new RST9.1 or any of the other transfer applications contact: