Seprom for all your sports premium products

Seprom is a leading company in the manufacturing of sports premium products, as reflected in the offering of a broad range of marketed articles and workmanship, in addition to the ability to offer you tailored and innovative solutions, suitable for each of your needs.

Do you have a project, but lack the knowledge of how to implement it?

Seprom know how to guide you through all the steps, from the product conception to its execution, within an excellent quality/price ratio.

Their company, with its expertise built over 40 years in precious metal and plexiglass processing, will be able to offer you the best counselling, studying for and with you the feasibility of your ideas and the finest materials for their creation. 

If you instead have clear ideas about your requirements… feel free to ask us for an estimate and they’ll fulfill all of your requests!

Telephone: +39 04241945115