The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products on TikTok

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products have teamed up to create engaging and educational content via TikTok. The short-form, video-sharing platform will be used to showcase products, processes, manufacturing and employees. All content will be available in a white-label format to easily be reshared and published on distributor websites and social media platforms.

Follow them @snapandpen and learn about the companies’ culture and values, with several videos already posted and ready to view and share. A dedicated @mood_collection account is also being launched, which will offer fun and inspirational content, reflecting the brand’s core values of individuality and self-expression.

Operations Director, Helen Dyl, commented, “This is about product and purpose for us. Putting our employees, their ideas and our business offering front and centre embodies our values. Expect industry-relevant content in a smart (and funny) way. A snapshot of our world, our processes and our services. We can’t wait to see what you all think!”

Contact for more information on how to access their newly created content.