With competitive events cancelled – are virtual events the solution?

All planned competitive events had to be cancelled or postponed due to the constraints associated with the global pandemic. Sport enthusiasts lost the chance to participate in the things they are really passionate about. Also, the organisers cannot complete the projects in which they contributed all their effort, hard work and dedication to.

Even though we are longing for normality we are not losing our spirit, and Modern Forms have come up with a suggestion that will help you and your customers to get through this difficult time and provide a healthy alternative way to enjoy competition, which can still result in the emotions and experiences this usually entails – this is what your customers are craving during these unprecedented times.

Self-realisation through competition, the verification of your limits and going beyond them, and finally joy from achieved success and shared emotions during the award ceremony, can still all be acheived when you organise a virtual event! 

How to do this? It’s simple – just organise a virtual event. Using social media or through other platforms available online to get together with friends and family, determine the challenge, as well as the rules, for each persons participation (remember about safety!) – imagine how much joy it will bring to them when they are given the chance to compete and the opportunity to be a part of an award ceremony when the virtual event is completed!

Alongside the positive emotions associated with taking part in such healthy competition, the additional boost is the receiving of awards, medals, trophies or gadget sets reflecting the spirit of the virtual event. Modern Forms will design them just for you and according to your guidelines. It will be something special for the participants competing in the virtual event – a souvenir representing unity, responsibility, steadfastness and solidarity.

As well as awards, medals and trophies Modern Forms have another interesting proposition, personalised (with any print), Sports Face Masks. Take a look at the photo top right of this page to see an example. A new and practical addition to the wide range Modern Forms have to offer.

Award set for virtual events

Modern Forms can help you to organise a virtual event that will become a treasured memory of each participant by providing a range of products you can give as a souvenir for each persons participation:

  • Graphic design included in the price of your order – medals, trophies, bottle openers, keyrings or sets that will reflect the nature of any event (any print, shape, and colours are possible) according to your needs.
  • Modern Forms can produce your order in a short period of time (from 5 to 7 working days + time for delivery) and all delivered safely.
  • They offer affordable prices – no matter how much you would like to spend on awards, you will receive a cost effective quality product, and they will delight the participants of your event.

Check out Modern Forms products. In their gallery you won’t find two identical awards. Be inspired and visit their gallery to gain ideas and inspiration:- https://modernforms.eu/

Modern Forms are a Polish company and produce awards using the components of Polish suppliers – when you order from them you support the European economy and labour market which in turn guarantees the best quality products.

Modern Forms have unlimited possibilities – the creativity of their team and modern technologies enable them to create products of any shape. Your awards will be colourful, spatial and original owing to UV printing and laser cutting techniques.

Let’s talk about what we can do for you – please contact us at:- https://modernforms.eu/contact/