Your European supplier of wooden articles

MAD-SPORT is a Spanish manufacturer of wooden articles for the trophy, gift and signage sector with more than 40 years of experience.

MAD-SPORT has the most extensive catalog of wooden bases and pedestals for the trophy sector. We manufacture the bases in our factory in Spain using high quality raw materials (mdf and varnish) producing them with the most modern machinery.

Our varnishing section is essential, equipped with several booths and a varnishing line with UVI drying that gives our bases a high-quality finish, with a magnificent gloss and remarkable hardness. The most commercial color is “etimoe caoba” (mahogany) but our “negro mate” (matt black) and “roble avellana” (dark oak) are also succeeding.

In addition to our bases, we have commemorative plaques (very popular in many countries), XL directory plaques (honor board) and items for the police and military sector such as shields and wedges.

In addition, we have special wood for laser marking; bases with a double layer, white interior and black exterior, this allows that when marking with laser you can extract the white from the first layer and achieve a great contrast with the black (* photo). Also for UVI marking we have special finishes to achieve a magnificent finish such as plaques and bases in black and white finish.

As a novelty we have solid wood items; It is more complicated and difficult to work with it but the results make this work worthwhile. If what you are looking for is a stable material in consistency and color, this may not be your option. Natural wood (solid wood) has small differences in color, variations in texture, but a product made with natural wood brings much more personality to the trophy than made with a more artificial wood. The main woods we use are pine and beech, the latter with a cream color mixed with brown and pink tones that produce a perfect contrast when engraving. In addition, with our “ultrafino” manufacturing system we can offer a natural and sustainable product (PEFC) that is ecological since we do not use varnish. These ecofriendly products and our collection and recycling system that allows us to maintain high energy efficiency when processing waste and transforming it into heat energy, all this reverts directly to our production process and of course to the environment.

The sector has changed in recent times and the customer does not want to have large quantities of stock. In order to satisfy this need, we have a large warehouse with more than 1000 references in stock at the disposal of our customers, which allows us to respond quickly to their requests.

On the other hand, an important part of our production is dedicated to the manufacture of special products with customer’s own design and specifications. Our powerful and modern machinery allows us to produce large quantities in a short time and at a competitive price.

Finally, we also offer a wide range of cases for plaques, trophies and figures with a luxurious finish and at a very competitive price.