Liquid Lens launch New Doming Systems and Resins for 2019

New for 2019 is a new range of machines, resins and exciting applications. Featuring the next generation Opal doming machines including a new fully automatic xy axis version for low cost, high volume domed label production.

Mercury-Free Badges for Trophies

As the leading supplier of desktop doming machines, worldwide, Liquid Lens has been supporting the UK trophy industry since 1998 and continues to be one of the only companies to offer high-grade resins that are free from mercury.

“This move by the EU to ban mercury catalysts is a positive one that improves the safety and environmental impact of resin, which is something we’ve supported since we started. We’d like to let all customers of our resins know that we have only ever sold mercury-free resins. They have been and will continue to be compliant, and won’t need to make any changes,” commented Steve Hastie, MD at Liquid Lens.

Crystal Clear Beautifully Smooth and Now New Soft & Hard Resins

“A few people were historically misinformed that the mercury-free resins weren’t as durable or quick to dry, but that’s just a myth. In actual fact, mercury-free resins do air dry and can also be accelerated in the oven. The mercury-free resins also have a superior, non-tacky finish that is smooth to the touch, exceptionally durable and beautifully clear, which is why they’ve remained so popular for badges and name plates on trophies and awards.”

Anyone wanting to find out more about the new equipment or EU regulations before the show can contact Liam Common personally at