Bring down the cost of your labels, invest in a in-house doming system

I think it is fair to say that the humble domed label has revolutionised the trophy market. Through the simple addition of a 25mm or 50mm resin-covered, domed circular label, a mass produced, generic trophy can be quickly, easily and cheaply personalised to virtually any sport, activity or achievement.

Thousands of clubs, schools and associations across the country hand out trophies and medals as recognition of services and achievements and domed labels are a key element of these products. The reasons for this are as clear as the resin itself.

The massive advantage printed labels have over more traditional engraving techniques is the easy addition of colour, graphics and infinite font styles. The doming element adds durability, protection of the printed image for colour fading and they also look much better. Perhaps most important of all, these labels are relatively cheap to produce and, in many cases, can be personalised to specific sports, individuals and their achievements.

Currently, domed labels are being produced in two ways. You can either print the self-adhesive labels on a standard digital inkjet printer and, using one of our resin applicators, add a blob of resin to the label and cure it. This leaves you with a smooth clear label that can be applied to your trophy. Another method that is gaining more popularity is to purchase just the clear doming part of the label that has adhesive on it, which can be applied to a label already on the trophy. This allows you to fulfil more of the trophy order yourself and simply order in blank domes and apply as and when needed.

At Liquid Lens, we are increasingly encouraging our customers to take on the investment of their own complete dome label production system. In the first instance, this would allow you to produce the labels you need much more quickly and cost-effectively, rather than having to pay someone else to make them for you. It also means that you can extend your product offering to a broader range with relatively small additional investments. For example, if you can produce your own domed labels for trophies, you can also produce them for other promotional items that your customers may well be currently purchasing from someone else.

This could be key-rings, cuff-links or items for corporate events, like golf pitch mark repairers and so on. With your own system, the sky really is the limit in terms of what you can produce and how much you can extend your revenue opportunities.

If you are in the trophy market and are currently ordering in labels, we would love the opportunity to talk to you in more detail about how we can help. You could bring down the cost price of your labels, be much more responsive and creative for your customers and create incremental revenue by investing in a bundled system comprising an inkjet printer, cutter and doming machine. We also have exclusive access to what many in the industry consider to be the best and most reliable resin. We look forward to hearing from you.