More options, less hassle with QuickDome

As one of the largest suppliers of keyring and badge components in Europe, KYD Products provides their customers with a huge range of options for promotional material and branded gifts. With their latest innovation, QuickDome, they’re aiming to change the way branded products can be made – giving more power and flexibility to their customers in the process.

The quick and easy doming solution

Available for next day delivery as individual products or in easy-to-use DIY kits, QuickDome allows customisation of badges, keyrings and other compatible products without any of the usual expensive machinery or tenuous methods.

Consisting of self-adhesive Polyurethane domes and photo-quality self-adhesive paper, QuickDome allows you to print custom designs – even several different designs on a single sheet of paper – from your existing desktop printer, cut out however many you need with the provided hand cutter, and apply to the fittings of your choice.

This pain-free process is a quick and simple way for businesses to increase their brand visibility, saving on costs in the process. It is compatible with a wide and ever-expanding selection of KYD products available in the catalogue and online, including badges, brooches, tie pins, cufflinks, keyrings and more. QuickDome can make the ideal branded gift for corporate events, or become a new essential part of the employee uniform.

QuickDome is available in several starter kits, with refills available and no-nonsense returns if you change your mind. Depending on your choice, you can make from 100-1000 branded products in a single kit, with minimal waste and expense. The available ranges include a Round domed badge kit, a Leather keyring kit, a Golf Pitch repairer w/ ball marker kit and more.

About KYD Products

Based in Nechells, Birmingham, KYD Products has been in operation since 1996. In their many years of business they have built up resources including a massive warehouse with over 10 million items in stock. Their business model is built around providing benefits to their customer that go above and beyond the competition, passing on the savings they make by bulk ordering to offer industry best prices.

Although they order in bulk and maintain a large stock, KYD provides for customers of all kinds – all products are sold with a low minimum quality, and prospective buyers are welcome to request free samples or even attend the warehouse in person to try before they buy.

Choice is crucial in the everyday dealings of both businesses and individuals, especially with the ever-increasing utility of the internet. KYD Products’ full catalogue is available on their website, allowing buyers to browse and search for exactly what they need and order it online; they even provide a click-and-collect service to further expand their customer’s options.

You can visit KYD’s website at to learn more about their ranges, including QuickDome starter kits and compatible products.