Kyd Products Ltd are committed to providing badges and badge products at industry best prices

Becoming one of the largest suppliers of badge components in Europe hasn’t come by chance. Kyd Products Ltd live and breathe badges – sourcing the best suppliers of the best quality products, offering a specialist bespoke products service to satisfy the most specific requests, and still committing to providing industry best prices.

Kyd Products Ltd are trusted by their customers to have their best interests in mind. Interests beyond just the supply and cost that all customers benefit from when they buy from KYD.

With next-day delivery to anywhere in the UK on orders placed Monday - Thursday before 12 pm; a wide range of stock with over 10 million items at any one time; ensuring they can always meet customer demand and supply in the exact quantities required; a convenient click and collect service and no-nonsense returns – all ensures Kyd Products Ltd can offer the best possible customer experience.

Unrivalled badge range

There are well over 120 different badges and badge products available on our website, including badge pins, metal and plastic clips, badge magnets and holders.

There are unrivalled options for any and all requirements within the badge range. Whether you’re looking for high-end products such as Tie Pin and Clutch, a beautifully polished 24ct gold plated tie/lapel pin with a 25mm recess which can accommodate personal designs orQuickDome application, or something as simple as an Acrylic Pad Badge Pin, their products are available in small minimum order quantities.

Kyd Products Ltd’s range is always growing, and they have recently introduced a new badge magnet which is quickly becoming one of their most sought-after items. The lightweight, slimline Triple Badge Magnet sits closer to the garment and won’t sag, which is something that has irritated us all with less well-designed badge magnets. Despite its light weight and slim build, this Triple Badge Magnet is one of the most powerful on the market with a three-point magnetic contact.

Industry best prices

At KYD, they are constantly reviewing their minimum order quantities, unit costs and operational costs, aiming to ensure that they continue to offer all customers industry best prices.

Sourcing of specialist items from their worldwide group of approved manufacturers and suppliers also helps Kyd Products Ltd find the most cost-effective solutions. They also have regular special offers running for new customers and discounts for existing customers, which are regularly shared through their Facebook and Twitter accounts, not to mention sent directly to your inbox if you’re a member of their email marketing programme. Another great saver is the option of job lots, which are listed in the Job Lots and Special Offers section of the website.

No matter how or what costs they review in-house, the savings are always passed on to their customers. Customer experience is the pulse of their business - Kyd Products Ltd want to exceed expectations and turn all customers into loyal customers. Their well-stocked warehouse, unrivalled range and specialist sourcing and bespoke products services are huge differentiators, but what makes them really stand out from the crowd is their focus on excellent customer experience.

Try Kyd badges and badge products for free

Sometimes, when the selection is as broad as Kyd Products Ltd, choosing the right badge or badge product for you or your business can be a tricky task. That’s why they offer a free sample service, allowing any customer to request samples of any of their products through the website. It’s as simple as quoting the product code in an email and letting Kyd know where you want them to be sent.

If you haven’t already, be sure to request a free catalogue - The 44-page catalogue is bursting with the latest additions to the KYD family of high-quality badge, keyring, trophy and jewellery components. It now features their wonderful range of golf products, as well as several ranges compatible with QuickDome technology.

Kyd Products Ltd also let their customers get hands-on with the products when they visit them. Their trade counter is the best place to come and ‘try before you buy’ and their staff will be more than happy to display and talk you through the features and benefits of any product in stock. If you like to find great suppliers at industry trade shows, then Kyd can help there too.

Don’t forget, they have over 10 million items in stock! That means that orders are available for immediate shipment and next day delivery.

For more information on our Badge and Badge Product range, or any other product range, give us a call on +44 (0)121 327 1188, email, or visit