Kwiktapes bring medal and label production back to Birmingham

During the last four years John Baines of KT Labels has expanded his business into the trophy trade by bringing back medal and badge production to the UK.

He said: “Many years ago the jewellery quarter in Birmingham made everything for the trophy trade and supplied the whole of the UK with medals, buttons and badges.

“It has been a long term goal of mine to bring back medal and badge production to Birmingham. Many years ago Birmingham was called the city of a thousand trades.

The production of medals and badges stopped when businesses turned to the cheap alternatives which took loads of jobs with it.”

Mr Baines has now developed a new method for making labels, badges and medals using an Epson label printer to bring the trade back to the city. These labels can be used to create individual and personalised medals and trophies. He added: “Birmingham business is now fighting back. It is a breath of fresh air bringing life back to Birmingham’s indsutry”.

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