Keyfactors are a leading manufacturer of domed labels in all shapes and sizes

Keyfactors are manufacturers of polyurethane domed labels, supplying both the UK domestic and international markets. Their labels can be produced in any size* or shape to suit your specifications, whether you need just a small quantity or thousands. They can manufacture labels in any colours requested, including metallics gold and silver.

What are clear domes?

Clear domes are made from a clear gloss vinyl base topped with crystal clear liquid polyurethane resin. Keyfactors clear domes are flexible, with a self-adhesive backing (permanent clear solvent-based acrylic). They are non-scratch, non-yellowing, UV-resistant, waterproof and are manufactured in the UK.

Adding a clear resin dome to a print instantly adds a touch of quality, making the image more attractive and eye-catching. The dome will also protect the printed image, adding resilience and permanence.

Keyfactors can supply polyurethane clear domes in almost any shape or size required and they have in stock all the most popular sizes for immediate despatch.

Printing your own centres

You can use your own computer and printer to produce images, using image-editing software. Keyfactors personal choice is CorelDRAW but there are lots of alternatives, including many free ones. Any software with basics such as adding text to an image will do for producing simple prints.

There are many ways to print and cut out your images. The most convenient way to do this is with vinyl print-cut machines marketed by specialist companies such as Gerber, Mutoh or Roland. Simply apply Keyfactors clear domes to the cut out images produced.

Alternatively, use a conventional printer and print on adhesive backed glossy photo paper. Then apply the clear dome to the print and cut out using a handheld cutter. An even simpler solution is to use scissors - apply the clear dome to the paper and cut around it. Keyfactors stock A4 photo paper with adhesive backing for printing, and a range of hand held cutter sizes.


To avoid air being trapped between the two surfaces, the clear dome should be ‘rolled on’ from one edge of the print to the other. Apply downward pressure at the same time so the adhesion layer makes contact evenly with the print layer.


Clear domes are a useful alternative for one-offs and immediate fulfilment of orders for pin badges, trophies, keyrings, and any other product requiring personalisation or a quality long-term identification label.

Clear domes make short runs and one-offs practical and cost effective. However, for larger print run quantities (over 25) it is recommended to use Keyfactors to supply printed and domed badges/labels.

Please note - Keyfactors clear domes are made with polyurethane resin. They are a superior product to ‘epoxy domes’ which are made with epoxy resin and tend to be cheaper but are prone to yellowing, curling and long term deterioration.

Domed Badges

Keyfactors main product is a high quality, durable and long lasting badge, made from a printed vinyl or polyester base topped with crystal clear liquid polyurethane resin.

The resin cures overnight in ovens to create a clear flexible dome which is water-proof, scratchproof, non-yellowing and non-fading.

All domed badges have a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive backing which forms a permanent bond when applied to a surface.

Keyfactors supply domed labels and badges to the trophy and awards trade, computer and information technology manufacturers, white goods manufacturers and distributors, automotive and machinery, promotional and advertising, and many other industries.

Trade Doming

Keyfactors offer a competitive trade doming service. Prices are based on size and quantity. Just give them a call for a personalised quote.

Flat Vinyl Labels & Stickers

Keyfactors also print custom design self-adhesive flat vinyl labels and signs in any shape/size required, simply send them your artwork or advise text layout. Vinyl base options include gloss white, matt white, metallic silver, transparent, and static cling. High tack adhesive vinyl and extra thick vinyl are other options available (white gloss only).

Emblematic Components

As well as manufacturing badges and labels, Keyfactors are also trade suppliers of emblematic blanks such as lapel badges, keyrings and cufflinks. Please visit their online shop for details at the website below.

Minimum order

Keyfactors have no minimum order value, but please be aware their minimum P&P per order is £3.40 excluding VAT. Minimum quantity for each product varies, and will be shown on the relevant page.

International orders

Keyfactors are happy to supply orders outside the UK. Shipping costs will be calculated when goods are added to your shopping cart.

Telephone: 01372 376904

*minimum size for domed labels is 9mm dia., or 10mm length/width for rectangles/ovals