Introducing the NEW & Revolutionary Sublideck 3D+

Sole Juice is one of the world leaders in 3D Sublimation, and after bringing to market the hugely popular Sublideck™ 1, and Sublideck™ 4 machines, Sole Juice has now released the incredible Sublideck™ 3D+.

The Sublideck™ 3D+ is the world’s fastest, mobile, and most accurate sublimation imaging system on the market today. It is lightning fast imaging 3D cases from as little as 120 seconds, whisper quite at less than 60 decibels in full operational mode, and is strong and lightweight making the Sublideck 3D+ not only suitable for mass production, but also perfect for retail store and kiosk operation.

Retailers deeply understand that the modern customer increasingly demands instant gratification from their purchases and next day deliveries are now commonplace. Previously to the Sublideck 3D+, if a customer wanted a custom imaged phone case they would have waited at least 48 hours for a production facility to process the order, and the shipper to deliver it. Incredibly, however, using the Sublideck 3D+, customers can now have the very same custom imaged phone case from their favourite retailer, or kiosk owner, in just a few short minutes. The Sublideck 3D+ was conceptualised and designed with modern customer trends in mind, and utilises the industry’s first Zero Distortion Technology (ZDT) for ultimate image reproduction, perfect for modern retailing requirements.

The Sublideck 3D+ is simple to use, from the single one button operation, to the easy to set temperature and timer displays; the Sublideck 3D+ can be used with minimal training, and is perfect for multi-operator use in busy environments.

The Sublideck 3D+ is much more than just a phone case-imaging machine; it can also be used to image a wide variety of unique products coming to market from Sole Juice throughout 2017, such as personalised sunglasses, which is another perfect fit for high street retailers and kiosk owners. Personalised sunglasses are the perfect accompaniment to personalised phone cases and open up accessorising to new instant heights, and all thanks to the nimble Sublideck 3D+

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