Rapid growth for HPC Laser Ltd

HPC LASER LTD is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Co2 laser cutting and engraving systems. Founded in 2006 HPC Laser Ltd have continued to grow at a rapid speed and supplied over 4500 machines throughout the UK and overseas even as far as Peru.

The ‘Laserscript’ range of co2 systems are capable of processing even the most complex graphic designs and a wide range of materials including, woods, plastics, laminates, rubber, fabrics, slate, glass and can even mark metals with the aid of a compound such as MarkSolid / Thermark.

A laser cutter is a very versatile piece of equipment which is very easy to use, this has allowed users to develop and expand into a range of products such as point of sale purchases and engraving. This in part exploits another great advantage of the laser cutter software which is the repeatability of jobs.

A commonly over looked aspect of laser cutter development is the software; we have kept our software adaptable so that it will be able to accept files from most drawing packages for instance, coral, illustrator, AutoCAD and sign making packages therefore, allowing sign makers to invest in a machine long term and utilise a variety of drawing packages without the worries of compatibility issues and software updates.

With development in laser technology not slowing it’s safe to say that there will be many more innovations to help your business expand
in the future.

To find our more about our Laserscript range we will be showcasing live demonstrations at Sign & Digital 2018 trade show April 26-28 (Halls 17 and 18), NEC in Birmingham.