HPC Laser – your first choice

Established in 2006, HPC Laser has grown to become the first choice of CO2 engravers, mixed metal cutters, Fibre lasers and CNC routers for many well acclaimed Universities, national and international businesses and also the private market. With a dedicated support team we are an expanding company with a bright future having branched out into the European markets including Ireland, Spain, Germany and France.

Easy to use

With onsite training provided with the installation, the HPC range is easy to get to learn and use with outstanding professional results be it engraving a photograph onto plywood or creating your very own 3D model out of metal or acrylic.

The HPC Laser range can meet almost every engraving or cutting requirement. Due to the ease of use, our range is an ideal asset not just for big businesses, but for the private market looking at establishing themselves.

Your imagination is your only limitation

HPC Lasers are a very popular fitting in many of the UK’s highest respected Universities and an integral tool for many businesses and corporations.

Due to the versatility of what can be achieved with the CO2 engravers to the routers and mixed metal cutters, the right machine for you can give you endless possibilities on your business requirements.

You take control

Having an HPC Laser, this gives you the control to create your own tools, your own products, your own future. This gives you the ability to personalise your business and product range, we can also supply materials from Ply to acrylics of varying specifications to start you off or to keep you going.

Dedicated support

Personalised training is performed by one of our qualified engineers, but we do not stop there. With a dedicated UK team looking after you, we can offer after sales support so help is never far away for any technical assistance you may require. Not only do we have a UK office based help, our engineers knowledge and experience are there for you after installation.

Telephone: 01422 310800
Email: sales@hpclaser.co.uk
Visit: www.hpclaser.co.uk