Hello and a very warm welcome to the launch of the Trophy Retailers Association (TRA)

My name is Alan Haysom and I am Chairman of the Association.

I am delighted to be in partnership with the organisers of the Trophex & Euro Trophex Shows who have given us their full support.

We as a retail association have been fortunate to have their involvement in helping us to launch this association.

They have been incredibly helpful, and will continue to be so as we move forward with the development of the organisation.

There has been a degree of cynicism to the launch of the association, not from the retailers but from the industry in general, based on historical facts, but that was then and this is now!

The greatest and most influential difference we have ‘now’ is the opportunity to harness the power of social media. This will enable regular and fluent dialogue amongst retail members and strengthen our position by working together as a community to ultimately enhance our profit margins.

Purpose Statement

The aim of the association is to identify ways for Retailers and Wholesalers to work together as a community to make more Profit.

Why are we doing this?

I have been in the retail part of the industry now for 17 years and have seen significant changes particularly with the advent of the internet and online sales.

The industry is worth in the region of £70 million. I cannot think of any other industry of that size without an association protecting its member’s interests.

We think there is a definite need for an association to give all retailers a voice on how the industry moves forward.


We are stronger together and will without doubt have a massive part to play in securing everyone’s sole purpose which is to secure greater progress, success and profit.

I will be available to discuss any issues you have in the first year of the association.

I would prefer if you could contact me by email or phone. I will be dedicating one full day a week, (Friday) so if you could keep the phone calls to then I would be very grateful. However, I will aim to answer emails as and when I can.

The forum, which was so successful over the Xmas period, will be re-launched via two dedicated pages on the Trophex website. Please use this as another method of communication.

If I could ask all retailers to use the forum for constructive comments and offers of advice & help to other retailers. We will bring in wholesalers as and when we need input from them.

As part of this initial communication I have agreed the following benefits to you all.

I strongly advise you to join.

Thankyou – Alan Haysom Chairman, Trophy Retailers Association


For more information plesae email me at: alan@trophyretailersassociation.org or telephone 07906 309617

To subscribe to the Trophy Retailers Association: https://www.trophex.com/subscription/