Graphtec GB ‘makes the cut’ with WID Laser Engraving Machines

As the recently appointed exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of WID laser engraving/cutting machines, Graphtec GB is now offering the latest C Series in a choice of four different-sized models (the 500, 700, 900 and 1000). These have been developed to accommodate the total requirements of engraving specialist companies. All of the machines are robustly constructed and of a compact design to facilitate installation in small work shops where space is invariably at a premium.

The C Series provides respective processing areas of 700 x 500, 1000 x 700, 1300 x 900 and 1300 x 900mm, with variable cutting speeds of up to 90,000 mm/min on the 500 model and 72,000mm/min on the 700, 900 and 1000 models. The machines incorporate CO2 tube and on selective models RF (Radio Frequency) lasers, sourced through partnerships forged with leading specialist laser manufacturers, with power ratings ranging from 60W on the 500 and 700 models and incrementally up to 120W on the 900 and 1000 models. All of the machines are supplied with dedicated user-friendly multi-tool software compatible with AI, DST, PLT, BMP and DXF graphic file formats and provide USB and Network connectivity.

Key design features include a 150mm adjustable machine height facility, automatic temperature and air control systems and smoke/dust extraction and waste retrieval units. These are supplemented with an optional autofocus-empowered CCD camera that ensures precise material/object recognition, adjustment and alignment to accommodate even the most complex applications likely to be encountered. Collectively, these contribute to much higher productivity levels and processing speeds said to be five times faster than any other similarly positioned engraving/cutting machine currently available.

Developed to complement the varying skill levels of both entry-level and seasoned professional operatives and for use in applications not suited to conventional CNC routing/cutting/engraving systems, the WID C Series of machines will laser cut and/or engrave a wide range of disparate materials. These include, for example, acrylic and various plastics, hard surfaces such as marble, glass and slate, solid woods and laminates, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals and various alloys like brass and copper.

Related Graphtec GB developments

Complementing the C Series of laser engraving/cutting systems and through its status as a preferred business partner with leading global software developer SA International, Graphtec GB is also supplying the ENROUTE Version 6 routing, engraving, cutting and milling software. This is available in a choice of four different modules and incorporates 40 new design and production tools that will accommodate virtually any 2D and 3D processing requirement of CNC routing/engraving and laser, plasma and waterjet cutting machines.

Since 1961, Graphtec GB has been the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for advanced digital cutting systems manufactured by the Graphtec Corporation in Japan. Outside of Japan, Graphtec GB is recognised as the most successful of Graphtec Corporation’s network of international business partners. Through this partnership, the company provides a wide choice of digital cutting solutions, ranging from high-end and higher-volume industrial-grade to machines for small- to medium-sized companies, craft enthusiasts and home hobbyists.

Typical of cutting solutions for this latter sector of the digital cutting market is the latest small-format and desktop-mountable Cameo Pro 4 machine. Part of the Silhouette family of digital cutters, it is packed with performance-enhancing design features normally found on much larger and commensurately more expensive machines.

Of special significance is that, in common with all Graphtec digital cutters , the Cameo Pro 4 incorporates Graphtec’s proprietary ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark) sensing system for optimum material plotting and cutting accuracy. Other key features include a wider (610mm/24-inch) cutting width, an increased cutting force of 5G to enable processing of a much wider range of harder and thicker materials that other similarly positioned machines might find too demanding and a higher cutting speed said to be three times faster than other Cameo machines in the Silhouette range.

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