Grafityp self-adhesive films for vaccination campaigns

Grafityp has all self-adhesive films in stock for printing social distance signage during vaccination campaigns.

During the outbreak of the first COVID-19 wave, Grafityp was one of the main suppliers of sticker material for SOCIAL DISTANCE awareness.

Major vaccination campaigns will soon start in many countries all over the world. Again, there will be a huge need for signage, to guide people to the locations where they will receive their vaccinations. Grafityp has therefore again stocked a large amount of the following products:

  • FLOORPR – printable antiskid floor media no need for lamination
  • SOL & FLOOR – laminates with antiskid
  • Mx110/111/112/113UR – easy to apply and remove
  • S838HT – for application directly onto brick walls

And all other printing films that, in accordance with their applications, can be applied to different surfaces and for various signage applications:

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