Face-to-face communication is critical in modern B2B sales process

During the past two years due to the covid pandemic virtual communication has been a vital new addition to the daily running of many businesses across the globe. Even though this has been generally a successful way to connect with other businesses and with new and prospective customers, in-person meetings will now have a significant influence in 2022 and beyond.
Throughout the covid pandemic the B2B sales process became increasingly digital due to the restrictions in place. However face-to-face meetings still provide certain benefits that technology cannot replace. After two years of only being able to converse digitally, face-to-face business at long last is making its return as a key element of the sales process.

Research has shown that in-person meetings are 34 times more successful than those made via email. The close rate for in-person meetings is 57%, and executives and business travellers estimate that 28% of their current business would be lost without in-person meetings. The pandemic may have shaken things up by bringing digital interaction to the fore, but face-to-face meetings retain a strong appeal.

The human brain is wired for connection and appreciation. To build relationships and close deals, it is essential to understand what makes each person tick. Businesses need to take into account that face-to-face sales are often the first time a customer gets acquainted with your brand, products, and services.

A recent report from Stellar Global discovered that 85% of customers would be encouraged to buy a product after a product demonstration, while 73% want a product demonstration to give them an understanding of how that product works.

These findings highlight the importance of taking the time to demonstrate your product, educate prospective customers about its advantages and answer any questions they have.

A product demonstration given to your customer provides them the opportunity to learn how it will benefit them the most. Using face-to-face meetings to show how your product helps them solve their problems, wants and desires is crucial in the sales environment.

In some cases, technology can improve communication efficiency during the sales process. In other cases, technology exacerbates the problem of poor sales communication. Any sale can, for example, be ruined by a dropped call or poor internet connection. Face-to-face selling overcomes these technical challenges, allowing salespeople to build real relationships with prospects. Another benefit for face-to-face sales is the ability to better measure prospects’ reactions by using body language cues.

All in all, success in B2B sales means using all the methods available to you and using them well. Technology should, of course, be used when it is sensible to do so, but the value of face-to-face interaction can never be understated. At a time when societies and the world are opening up again, embracing in-person meetings is sure to yield success.

Trade shows are a valuable resource to promote your company to a wider target audience where you benefit from meeting prospective customers face-to-face at one venue, saving you time and money. Trophex UK is a major well established trade event for the Trophy, Engraving, Awards, Medals and Personalisation industry. The aim of the next show in 2023 is to re-connect the industry, creating a space where you can network, build new business relationships, and catch up with current customers and suppliers personally.

During the six months preceding Trophex UK a targeted marketing campaign will be put into place to promote the return of the show. The dates for Trophex UK are Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd January 2023. The show is predicted to be very busy after a three year hiatus due to the covid pandemic.

Trophex UK will be hosted at a new exciting venue, The National Conference Centre and Motorcycle Museum. The move to the new venue has ensured Trophex UK can offer a competitive revised rate to exhibit, making your first major face-to-face event even more affordable. Also the visitor benefits from free access to the show with free parking just outside the entrance, and the opportunity to make their visit a fun day out by mixing business with pleasure with a visit to The Motorcycle Museum just next door to the show.

If you are interested in exhibiting at Trophex UK or would like to advertise in the shows sister magazine, TEN, please get in touch. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and how we can help support your business through 2022.

Jane Soones – Trophex UK sales: janesoones@hillmedia.com
Colin Gallimore – TEN advertising sales: colingallimore@hillmedia.com
Nigel Bean – Managing Director: nigelbean1@aol.com

The Key Points for Trophex Opening its Doors in 2023:
  • Return of confidence for visitors and exhibitors attending the show after Covid-19.
  • Perfectly timed to allow the industry to recover.
  • General economic climate will have improved.
  • New areas of business to be introduced to widen the audience of the show.
  • Travel restrictions in and out of the UK will have been lifted.
  • Competitive events and social activities will have completely returned to normal.
  • Introduction of new feature areas to improve the visitor experience.
  • New businesses invited to attend reflecting the increase of independent start-ups during the past year bringing potential new customers directly to you.
  • A show for the entire trophy, engraving, awards, medals and personalisation industry all under one roof over two days.
  • A place to network, build new business relationships and catch up with current customers and suppliers face to face.
  • Time to bring together over 30 years of experience in the industry, create a focused approach to marketing the event and build on the already extensive guest list to support the re-launch in 2023.
Trophex UK 2023 is expected to be a very busy event, so register your interest and be a part of your industry's recovery.
Floor plan has been released - stand reservations are now being taken.