Garment personalisation brought to life

When garment designs can be brought to life in just three seconds, the time is now to pair trophies and team wear for a match made in heaven.

From club and sportwear to party and childrenswear, the garment decoration market is huge, and is only set to get bigger. Research has shown that one in five consumers would pay a 20% premium for a personalised product, and this is predicted to grow.

Fancy a slice of the action?

With an excellent selection of heat transfer films and years of experience, Doro Tape is perfectly placed to help you dip your toes into this lucrative sector. Plus, we’re not talking of a big investment in kit either. For less than two grand you will be set up with a quantity Roland Plotter cutter and Stahl’s Hotronix heat press and you are ready to go.

Dorotape’s diverse garment decorating options includes a rainbow of colours in their Pro-flex range. These first-rate PU films can be cut and applied to a variety of garments. Don’t turn away those hen party, festival or baby wear requests. When it comes to special effects, stand out with an array of colourful pearl glitter, classy metal effects and bright neons to bring any design to life.

Or an even bigger slice??

Take a step further an increase your investment with the Roland BN20 print and cut machine. cheaper than a DTG printer and much more versatile. Not only could you print full colour logos, graphic and images, this machine will also cut them out, ready to heat press onto your garment. What’s more, Dorotape’s ever expanding portfolio of the printable Image-Flex films now welcomes the all new Image Flex Turbo Print, the perfect heat transfer film where speedy garment printing is key.

With a recommended press time as low as 3 seconds, and at temperatures as low as 130 degrees, garments can be heat pressed up to five times faster than a standard heat transfer flex film. With temperatures this low, the Turbo Print is a brilliant all-rounder for creating high quality prints on a wide variety of materials such as cotton, polyester, cotton/ polyester, lycra and even nylon. 

Armed with a print and cut machine such as the Roland BN20 and a Stahls’ Hotronix heatpress, approximately 54 full colour chest logos can be produced for less than £5 from start to finish. Sounds great…right? And the benefits don’t stop there. The BN20 opens a world of printing possibilities. Not only can this be used with heat transfer films, but with a variety of media available from Doro Tape it’s also possible to produce banners, canvases, self-adhesive vinyl stickers, signs and so much more! With a 20” print width, the BN20 fits neatly on the desktop and is the perfect partner when entering in to the world of print. Just think of the huge potential it offers for expanding your business with exciting new products that are ideal for marketing and selling direct from your own website.

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