As a business we all know our strengths and weaknesses, who our core customers are, which products are in high demand as well as the trends within our industry or associated industries.

What we all find more difficult is spotting where or how to expand into newer markets, or how to grow our businesses symbiotically without it costing a fortune or requiring huge amounts of extra space and more importantly massive extra investment.

Here are 2 ideas that might appeal to your businesses that don’t cost a fortune or take up too much space or time within your premises. Both these products give you a good solid return on your capital, with minimum set up costs and sustainable repeat business opportunities.

Firstly, Ribbon Printing or should we say digital heat transfer printing onto a range of products such as Ribbons, Self Adhesive Labels, Lanyards and Medal Ribbons, Iron on and Sew in Label Tags. All of this can be achieved by one machine, no bigger than a shoe box, connected to your existing computer using plug and play technology with a simple bespoke software programme supplied along with the Ribbon Writer.

Personalisation is one of the hottest trends on the high street and this system is your entry into this additional business. It is quick and easy to use, no messy inks on products as all the items produced are instantly dry and ready to use straight from the printer. You can use your own creativity and design skills if you wish,or work from a range of tried and tested designs templates supplied with the system if you prefer. You can use the Ribbon Writer to add value onto your own products in addition to creating extra sales from your existing customer base.

Printing has never been so easy and your customers will be delighted to see their names, events or products, personalised in front of their eyes for such a reasonable price. In addition, this year we are launching our new V3 software capable of printing onto pre-cut labels to give you even more scope for added profits.

Our 2nd option is Hot Foil Printing, whilst perhaps not directly related to the Trophex Market it has its place in your business and certainly in the commercial world. Some people call hot foil printing ‘Gold Blocking’ as it is the application of usually Metallic Colours such as Gold, Silver,Rose Gold as well as 100’s of other colours to products such as Invitations, Plastic Membership and Plastic Business Cards, Letterheads and Leaflets, even small promotional items, often used by your customers themselves within their business or at events and can create a very healthy additional revenue stream for you. These hand operated machines are simple to use once you have had basic tuition which we provide along with your machine. Again, they take up very little room and when printed all items can be used immediately with no drying time required. Excellent margins can be achieved from inexpensive blank stock which you simply overprint.

The real beauty of the whole process is that this is not a product you can buy at any High Street retail outlet, so you will have little or no competition for this unique serviceas well as a vast catchment area.

Hotfoil UK/V.I.P. have been market leaders in Hot Foiling for over 15 years and can offer help and assistance when you are setting up your Hot Foil Business. We can supply both New and Pre-Owned Machines to suit most requirements and budgets along with your ongoing supplies as and when you need them.

With Ribbon Writers starting from just over £500 and pre owned Hot Foil Printers starting from £895 or New from £2995 (all prices + VAT) you can add a new income stream and expand your business for 2018 without moving premises or investing much in the way of time and revenue, all you will need is a maximum of 4ft of space and a head full of idea’s!

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