Handcrafted Bohemia Crystal

Crystal Glamour glasswork is the producer and the supplier of traditional cut Czech leaded crystal with mark BOHEMIA CRYSTAL since 1991.

Leaded glass with content of 24% PbO melts in electric two-basins furnace where only raw materials from Czech (Bohemia) suppliers are used.

All our glass is mouth-blowed, hand-cut and process just by hands.       

Our glass products are decorated with classic decors, our own modern cut types, they are gilded with pure 24 carat gold and platinum. Further they are adorned by high enamel. Crystal products can be also coloured.

Main part of production are crystal glass product of these categories:

  • Sport trophy and cups
  • Traditional hand cut Bohemian Crystal
  • Gilded (Gold) Bohemia Crystal with high enamel
  • Electric table lamps and chandelier parts and shades
  • Aromatic oil lamps, paraffin oil lamps
  • Promotional paperweights with colors and sand blasted logos
  • Sea salt and peppers mills, tableware           
  • Perfume bottles and flacons
  • Raw material for cutting and engraving 
  • Custom - made manufacturing

We export our Bohemian crystal glass over the world.

Telephone: +420-569-480-501
Email: maresova@crystalglamour.eu
Visit: www.crystalglamour.eu