Increase your profits with sandblasting

Crystal Galleries Technical Sales Manager, Michaela O’Halloran who specialises in sales for photoresist films, cabinets and consumables has a wealth of knowledge and industry experience.

Her skills include offering training to customers in all aspects of sandblast engraving as well as providing education opportunities through glass decoration workshops. She has met and shared her skills and knowledge with customers from around the world and helped them find solutions to develop their businesses, without the need for huge investment. In this feature she talks about how you can increase profit with the sandblasting technique.

Understanding which decoration technique is the most effective and at the same time economically profitable can be a difficult process. If you are considering sandblasting here are some things that Michaela believes can make it the right choice for you:

“I’m a great fan of sandblasting, it not only offers value for money but it gives you a look of a manufactured decoration with a personal touch on each glass. You can also achieve a forever lasting logo that is extremely hardwearing.

These things immediately increase the perceived value of your product, enabling you to sell sandblasted glassware for a higher return on your investment”

I recommend you follow these 5 steps to bring your business success:

Step No1:
Choose the right glassware to decorate

Crystal Galleries are the UK’s leading Supplier of Wholesale Glass and Crystal Blanks for glass engravers.

Choose from our catalogue:

Step No2:
Make your stencils

Increase the speed of mask production by choosing the best equipment:

Not enough time to make your own stencils? We’re here to help you. Ask us for more information about custom mask stencils (

Step No3:
Mask application

Be efficient and use our supportive tools for mask application (

Step No4:

Make your sandblasting experience quick and easy. Our TrophyMaster is the right choice for you (

Step No5:
Mask removal, cleaning, packing

Glue stains, long and time wasting mask removal is no longer your problem.

Our photoresist films are ideal for easy and quick removal from a sandblasted surface. Find out more about our wide range of photoresist films (link to photoresist films on

These steps optimise your production and makes your business valuable.

Get in touch if you would like to know more via ( and let us help you to set up a high efficiency production system in your shop.

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