Moving into the world of professional laser marking and engraving is now even easier

With new features added to the Boxford fibre marking range at the same affordable price, moving into the world of professional laser marking and engraving is now even easier.

As the popularity of fibre laser marking grows, the more the capabilities and versatility become apparent. From jewellery designers and personalisation specialists, to trophy makers and precision engineers, Boxford fibre marking machines are becoming a staple part of many businesses looking for a quick and hassle free method of high definition marking and engraving their products.

Recent additions to all Boxford fibre marking machines include, digital focus height readout, allowing users to accurately set the laser focus height, using the motorised Z axis, as well as a dual red dot focusing system, for even quicker part positioning.

Combine these useful features with a pre-configured material parameter library and you have a powerful laser marking system which is ready to plug in and play, straight out of the box!

The long list of materials which can be directly and permanently fibre laser marked and engraved include; stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium, anodised aluminium and other coated metals, titanium and even engineering plastics such as acetal.

Using the included software, it is possible to laser mark text and unique bar codes and serial numbers, as well as importing vector and image based artwork from external graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD.

Boxford have been a household name in the design and technology, model engineering and small batch manufacturing world for over 70 years with their range of CNC woodworking and precision machining equipment manufactured in Halifax, West Yorkshire. However, their now well established reputation as a supplier of excellent quality, safe and easy to use laser cutting, marking and engraving equipment has introduced the Boxford brand to a whole new range of new markets.

Boxford’s flagship C02 laser cutting and engraving machines continue to grow in popularity. They’ve even recently sold a machine to crazy British inventor Colin Furze!

It’s obviously been an extremely challenging year so far for all of us. Boxford are extremely proud to have helped to provide machines to businesses, schools, colleges and individuals who have used their laser cutting and engraving equipment to make protective face shields for front line care workers. There is currently a file available to download for free on the Projects section of the Boxford website, giving you instructions on how to produce a face shield using a C02 laser.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Boxford equipment on offer and how they can help you, their helpful team are on hand and available to answer any of your queries.

If you would be interested in receiving free of charge samples, or you have any questions, you can email or call 01422 324810.