Cutting, marking and engraving solutions

Boxford provide a range of professional and affordable cutting, marking and engraving solutions to the trophy engraving, sign making and personalisation industry. Priced competitively, adding a robust and high quality laser cutter or fibre marker to your business, no longer needs to be a huge investment.

Boxford machines are easy to use, produce industry standard results and come with exceptional UK on-site and over the phone support, from a company with over 70 years manufacturing experience.

Some of the most versatile machines in the Boxford range are their C02 laser cutting and engraving systems. Available in a selection of different size and power options to suit your application, the machines are capable of rapidly producing items large and small – from rotary engraved drinking glasses and trophy labels, to full scale lettering for signage projects.

Some of the materials which can be C02 laser processed include: wood, card, cork, foam, glass, marble, perspex, slate and laminated plastics, to name but a few!

Each machine is fully integrated and this is a key factor which differentiates Boxford machines from other equipment in a similar price range. They come with a built in water chiller cooling system for controlling the temperature of the laser source, as well as a built in air compressor to provide air assist, for better quality laser cutting. Having these components housed within the machine enclosure itself, not only makes the machines footprint more compact, saving valuable workshop space, but also makes for a cleaner and much safer working environment.

Other important and useful features include: auto-focus, frame ‘dry-run’ function, easy to use windows software, pre-configured and fully editable cutting and engraving parameter library, CE marked failsafe door guard switches, plus both an interchangeable honey comb and knife material bed.

All machines can be supplied with a filtered extraction system, which removes dust and fumes from the laser cutting and engraving process and filters clean air back into the workspace.

Boxford C02 laser cutting and engraving machines start from £2,945 (ex VAT). If you would like to see a machine in action, you can attend a free demonstration on a day of your choice, in their West Yorkshire showroom (visit for more details).

The latest addition to the Boxford laser range is the BFM110 Fibre Marking Laser. Capable of permanently marking and engraving a wide range of metals, coated metals and some non-metals, it is a compact, but extremely powerful bench top machine, giving you the ability to produce industry standard surface marking and engraving results.

From high definition logos and photographs, to bar codes, QR codes, date stamps and sequential serial numbers, the machines cutting edge fibre laser technology can turn a standard product in to a branded and traceable product, adding value to your existing products or services.

Materials which can be fibre laser marked and engraved include: stainless steel, aluminium, anodised aluminium, brass, copper, mild steel, tool steel, titanium and more.

With an optional rotary device, the machine bed can be loaded with both flat and cylindrical items, meaning you are not limited to engraving on a flat surface. This can prove particularly useful when adding text or vector images to precision engineered components or even promotional items such as pens or metal drinking flasks.

Safety is an important feature when it comes to laser marking and engraving. This is why Boxford fibre marking lasers are built to be fully enclosed, confirming to class 1 laser safety standards. The machine door is equipped with CE marked failsafe guard switches, to prevent use when the door is open and the machine can also be fitted with a compact filtered fume extraction system, to remove any harmful fumes and debris from the work area.

The machine also comes with an operator footswitch, for quick, large batch production and a motorised ‘Z’ axis for accurate laser head focusing. The galvanometer laser head, allows for rapid marking and engraving, capable of adding a logo or part number to an object in seconds. This allows for maximum productivity and repeatability across batch sizes large and small.   

There are two power options available, depending on your application: 20w (from £5,995 ex VAT) and 30w (from £7,995 ex VAT). The 20w machine comes with a standard 160mm focal length lens, which creates a 110mm x 110mm marking area. The 30w machine is available with an optional, additional 228mm focal lens, which can increase the marking area to 200mm x 200mm.

If metal cutting is the next process you’re looking to add to your capabilities, Boxford also have a range of powerful and compact fibre metal cutting lasers, capable of cutting from 1mm to 12mm thick mild steel, as well as various thicknesses of stainless steel, brass, aluminium and copper.

Or, if you’re looking to produce 3D items from a range of materials, Boxford’s selection of fully enclosed CNC wood routers, lathes, milling machines and combination machines could be the right option for you.

All Boxford C02 laser cutting and fibre marking machines come with Windows software and drivers, 12 months warranty (excluding consumables items, such as lenses, mirrors, honeycomb tables and extraction filters) and full UK training and support.

Boxford as a company have supplied manufacturing systems to education, design and industry since 1946 and have an excellent reputation for supplying the highest quality equipment, with exemplary customer service and support.

If you’d like to find out more about their full range of equipment, you can visit

If you would be interested in free sample items made on a Boxford machine, or you would like to attend a free demo to see a machine in action, please email for more information.

Boxford will also be exhibiting a range of their machines at Trophex 2020, at the NEC in Birmingham on 12th and 13th January.