Awards & Medal Studio create stunning ‘Covid-19 Recognition Awards’ range

The current situation is the same for each and every one of us — stay at home and follow social distancing rules with hope that the trophy industry will soon return to normality again. In Latvia, just like elsewhere in Europe, there are sectors that have been stopped completely due to the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in, affecting corporate, culture, sports and other events. Awarding, greeting, nomination and celebration are curently on hold. At the moment awards, cups or medals are not needed.

We all know the current situation will pass and sooner or later life will get back on a normal track and awards will be necessary again, possibly more than ever before. Trophy suppliers will be turned to for award ranges to reward those who helped to fight this virus, as well as those who continue working despite health threats: first aid specialists, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, policemen, fire departments, council workers, refuse collectors and salespersons at grocery stores to name a few. They are the heroes that we cannot forget!

The leaders from the Government, Health Ministry, Ministry of Interior will definitely want to thank those who are fighting the consequences brought about by the virus. We also cannot forget about chains of large food stores and pharmacy shops, whose management will want to thank their employees.

Most likely, both the Government and the manage-ment of companies will want to thank their people with specially designed awards. Therefore, in order to be one step ahead, AWARDS & MEDAL STUDIO decided to create a series of “Covid-19 Recognition Awards”, which include design templates you can offer to your customers.

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If you have a customer who have their own award design, AWARDS & MEDLA STUDIO are ready to manufacture it.


AWARDS & MEDAL STUDIO is a Latvian brand established in 2005.

AWARDS & MEDAL STUDIO stands for individually designed, high-quality awards, trophies, and medals made from carefully selected materials. Every product they create embodies the respect they have for their customers. Through their work, they hope to inspire a curiosity and desire within people to make more sustainable and ethical choices.

In expo “Euro Trophex Show 2016” the jury awarded the highest score to AWARDS & MEDAL STUDIO in category ‘MOST ORIGINAL AWARD’ and it is a huge achievement for a small Latvian company in the large European market.

Creative director Ilze Skromane
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