Amaya Sales UK offer the full range of Melco Embroidery Systems

The Melco EMT16 Plus is their full modular system that has proven to be the fastest multihead system available because of its top speed and modular efficiency.

Amaya also offer the Melco EMT16 Lite which is still a fully industrial machine but without the modular capabilities. This is a great starter machine which can be upgraded later to the full Melco EMT16 Plus.

More and more embroiderers are realising that the Melco modular system drastically improves their efficiency and production. A big advantage of this system is that you can add on more production as you need it or split your production up to suit your ever-changing orders.

Another benefit is that because the operating software is PC driven, any new advancements can be fed straight into the embroidery machines brain, keeping it well in front of any of its rivals. This makes the Melco EMT16 the most up to date embroidery machine in terms of technology and ease of use. We believe that this system is the most flexible embroidery multi-head available and at the same time giving you the highest level of production possible. If you find this hard to believe, visit one of our showrooms and put it to a test. Compare its speed and production against your current machines.

Also, just released is the Melco Fast Clamp PRO is the answer for hard-to-hoop items.Adjust the arms for height and width, slip the product to be embroidered over the lower arms, clamp down, and go!

Ideal for dog collars, leashes, bag straps, flip flops, football boots, shoes, purses, backpacks, pockets, tote bags, soft-side coolers, hats, and more.

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