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Peter Wright, Director – Amaya Sales UK

How and when did you start working in the industry?

I’ve been in the embroidery machine supply business for around 30 years but started exhibiting in the Trophex show 10 years ago. My background is electronics engineering, but I joined a company called Geoffrey MacPhersons in 1981 which started me off in the embroidery industry. Macphersons were a leader in textile machinery and working with them gave me a great understanding of the industry and because of the way they ran their business gave me a massive advantage when setting up my own business 6 years later.

Our company, Amaya Sales UK were initially offering just Melco embroidery machines and we offered a full sales and support package. Around 2006 we decided to venture in to the DTG garment printer business. We have now been selling the Polyprint Texjet range of printers for 12 years and they provide an economic solution for entry level up to medium production.

Recently we have added the industrial Kornit range which puts us in the unique position of being able to offer a full range of DTG printers from start up to mass production. We also offer the Forever transfer paper, Sef vinyl and a great selection of Stahls and Schulze heat presses.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Being offered the Kornit DTG distribution in 2017 was quite an honour. Kornit are recognised as the leader in industrial direct to garment printers. Hopefully our past experience and consistent support to our customers helped in some way.

Kornit manufacture the only DTG printer with built in pre-treatment. This makes the printing process so simple, all you have to do is load the shirt, press print and dry. The garment is then ready to go to dispatch..  

What changes have you seen over the years that have had an impact on the industry?

I have seen many engraving companies add on other sides to their business, such as embroidery, DTG, transfer systems. Being able to offer these other sides have increased their sales turnover and, in some situations, the new business as taken over to become the main income source.

The other main change is the emergence of the online business. If this is set up correctly, businesses can increase their turnover and improve the efficiency of their company.

How do you think your organisation has contributed to or influenced the industry?

I believe we have helped many businesses create extra streams of income to their business. We offer, what we believe is the most technologically advanced equipment to make life easier for our customers. Our products help create personalised garments and products that go hand in hand with the engraving industry. Most customers that require trophies, also require personalised clothing such as t shirts, hoodies, football shirts etc. At the end of the day, they can be a one stop shop and make life easier for their clients.

How do you think the UK leaving the European Union will impact the future of business?

It’s difficult to know at the moment, the only thing I see is that prices will rise because of the pounds lower value. I do believe though that the industry will survive and who knows could be even better. The biggest problem is the uncertainty, the sooner everything is agreed the better.

Do you think technology in the industry has kept up with consumer demand and exceeded it?

I believe so, most of the equipment we sell is keeping up with technology. The only problem I see is that of the business itself not keeping up with the times. Its no good having equipment that produces more if the admin side of the business is dragging it down. So, buinesses need to have a good web-site, good shopping cart and make it easier for their customers to buy.

Do you think 3D printing will become a cost effective way to create Trophies and Awards in the future?

I am not that experienced in this field but what I have seen is that it should be cost effective now or in the near future. Some of the products that can be made are unbelivable so producing trophies should be a piece of cake.

What role in your opinion does the internet play in the industry?

The internet plays a massive part in providing a constant stream of leads and business. It also allows you to show off your products digitially and without having to spend £1,000’s on catalogues.

Do you feel an online presence is essential to increase profitability and product range awareness for suppliers and retailers alike?

An online presence is essential for both the supplier and their customers. From the supplier’s point of view, they can communicate much easier through their web-site and save a lot of time explaining things over the phone or by a costly personal visit. New products can be shown immediately they are released.

Customers can order at their leisure without any pressure and hopefully get next day service.

How important is brand exposure in addition to product sales?

Brand exposure is very important to give confidence to the customer. If customers see a brand name regularly they subconciously believe that the product is better the company reliable. I know that over the years, the Amaya Sales brand as grown to a stage that most people in the industry know of us. Being known, really does help improve your sales, as long as you are offering excellent service and support.

Where do you think the industry will be in 10 years’ time?

This is a difficult one, the online business is changing so fast. I am thinking that the retail side will slowly dissapear in favour of online shopping. Digital graphics will improve so much that having to go to a shop to touch and feel the product will be a day in the past.

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