Adelco have launched three brand new innovative products

Adelco are excited to announce not just one new product launch but three! They include a whole new dryer range called the Pro-cure, a new Matrix oval textile printing press and a High speed digital Hybrid system that can be added to the Oval called the AD Hybrid Digital.


Adelco have been at the forefront of textile drying systems for over 30 years so their launch of a completely new dryer range makes for exciting news.

The New Pro-Cure dryer range will be available in 5 belt widths with any length of oven for all Digital and Conventional textile ink systems.

The Pro-Cure will have an advanced and efficient airflow and exhaust system, taking features already developed for Adelco’s Dual dryer and roll-to-roll drying products.

Adelco dryers have been the only dryers on the market that incorporate oven feed and exit extraction hoods to provide a cleaner working environment and the Pro-cure further increases the efficiency of the extraction units.
Some of the many features incorporated in the new dryer include Dual lint filters that prevent lint build up in the dryer, reducing cleaning maintenance dramatically and enables filters to be cleaned in seconds whilst the dryer is still running.


Adelco will be launching a new Oval screen printing system the Adelco Matrix. This is
a modular and expandable system and can be configured for almost any production requirement with an almost infinite number of pallets and print stations.

The Matrix takes up less floor space than comparable carousel based machines and enables greater stability with larger print areas, providing more versatility with multiple flash, cooling and speciality print stations.

The Matrix has a host of great features including:

  • High power servo index,
  • Chain Free pallet movement for extreme longevity and reduced maintenance
  • Fast and independent screen lift/lower.
  • Servo driven print heads enable cycle times of up to 900 prints per hour.
  • Unparalleled support of print arms during print cycle for exceptional print quality and repeatability.
  • A unique rail and drive system that ensures almost silent operation, creating a quiet print shop environment.

AD Hybrid Digital

The Adelco AD Hybrid digital printer is the perfect attachment to the Matrix. The AD Hybrid Digital has
8 x CMYK Fujifilm spectra star fire heads. High speed printing, large Format printing and ink recirculation system. Six colour models are also available for wider colour gamut.

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